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Sasha Music Publishing unveils its new series: ‘Take 5 Of The Best’, highlighting a collection of 5 fine songs in each volume and taking you on a journey through the vastness of different music eras, artists and genres. Every song is especially arranged for piano, vocal and guitar, allowing these arrangements to be widely accessible and appealing to pianists, singers and guitarists alike. There will be regular releases of ‘Take 5 Of The Best’ titles, so be sure to collect them all! Our first edition kicks off with ‘Take 5 Of The Best Classic Songs’. We have chosen five classic songs that have proved to be timeless throughout the years and have become particularly topical at present. 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Queen’s Freddie Mercury with his epic song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. 2011 also signifies the anniversary of Nirvana’s album Never Mind featuring one of the greatest songs ever ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Recently brought to new life with a fine cover by local artists Boy & Bear is Crowded House’s ‘Fall At Your Feet’, whilst great Australian and international musicians have collaborated on Nick Cave’s classic ‘The Ship Song’ as a tribute to the iconic Sydney Opera House. With Cold Chisel having recently begun their biggest tour in nearly 30 years across Australia and New Zealand, we believe the inclusion of ‘Khe Sanh’ speaks for itself in that all Australians will agree this is a true classic Aussie song.

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