All prices include price of uncoated strings (Ernie Ball, D'Addario) + cost of labour.
There is an extra cost for premium or coated strings (Elixir, D'Addario NYXL)
Set up includes neck, bridge, pick up and intonation adjustment.

Please note, we assess guitars on a case by case basis and can not give a final price until we inspect the guitar.
Prices shown are a general guideline.

Restring and clean (Fixed Bridge) - $60
Restring and clean (Floating Bridge) - $80

Set up, restring and clean - $80 (Fixed Bridge)
Set up, restring and clean - $100 (Floating Bridge)

For all other repairs please contact us for a quote.
Please note we only work on guitars of acceptable build quality.
Before we agree to restring your guitar, we'll check it for any damage. If we think restringing your instrument could potentially damage it further or if the value of the restring will cost more than the value of the instrument, we won't be able to accept it for repair.

We handle restrings, set ups and basic electronic repairs in store. Extensive repairs (Refrets, fret dressing, wood repairs etc.) are handled by our out of store specialist at Matt's Guitar Service.

To book in please contact us via our contact form, email, phone or in store.

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