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The Music Craft course has been designed especially for the needs of busy teachers who combine instrument and theory tuition in a single weekly lesson. However, it is also amenable to private study by more mature students, or use in a classroom situation. By the end of Level 1 (Grade 4) a student will be more than ready for entry into a post-secondary level music course. Each grade has a Student Workbook and CDs containing progressive written and aural exercises. A corresponding Teacher's Guide relates directly to the Student Workbook, providing further information, valuable guidance and teaching suggestions, as well as complete answers to the student exercises. Music Craft builds on the existing theory and musicianship syllabuses (which will continue to be offered) but introduces a more contemporary feel, and relevance to the modern pedagogical environment. Innovative features include the progressive development of aural skills, a more thorough approach to the study of harmony and the use of figured bass, the introduction of modes, and an expansion of rhythmic possibilities. All areas of study are related to set works from both traditional and modern repertoires. In summary the course works as follows: For the student - Each grade is divided into 40 active lessons to correspond with the teaching year. - Each lesson is focused and short, with written and aural components. - Extensive drilling and repetition occur at regular intervals. For the teacher - The Teacher's Guide follows the Student Workbook lesson by lesson. - Full explanations that regularly go beyond the directly examinable content of each lesson are given, enabling a broader and richer understanding of theoretical concepts. - The teaching notes are designed to assist particularly in areas that may present greater challenges. - Answers are provided to all questions in the Student Workbook. - A question map for each lesson enables selective topic focus. - A content table traces the thematic outline of the course for easy topic reference. A Music Craft help desk, which may be contacted by phone or email, will be provided by the AMEB Federal Office.

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