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Bass Guitars

Fender Bass Sonic Red Red (Pau Ferro Neck)
Cort GB55JJ 5 String Bass
Ibanez SRH500 DEF Bass Guitar
The GB Series has been updated to provide the best of two worlds: the classic and the modern. Cort’s designers and engineers have thoroughly studied and deeply contemplated the best that the two antipodal worlds had to offer and the result is the new GB Series. GB14PJ features PJ pickups configuration combining the two mainstays of the classic bass pickups, the P-style pickup provides warmth and thickness with a growling character while the J-style pickup in the bridge position adds clarity, articulation and a singing character to the bass.
For 20 years, GB bass line has been one of the most popular Cort bass lines. In 2017, Cort introduced all-new GB bass lines with many upgrade features and enhanced design treatment. From entry-level bass for beginners to professional bassists seeking premium bass, GB bass can continue its role to serve all those bass players demand. GB34JJ features 2-band active electronics providing a wide range of sounds for a variety of playing situations and musical genres.
Player Jaguar Bass MP FB Tidepool
Fender Squier Affinity J Bass